Creating Memories with Minor Lacrosse

by Tyson Leies

Sr. B Shamrocks Cole Christiaens, Conor Woroniuk, Ryan Atkinson, Steve Higgs and Saanich Jr. Express Robbie TytgatWe all grew up idolizing our heroes. Whether it be teachers, musicians, our parents, a fireman or sports idol... we all had someone! For our youth and minor lacrosse athletes, they don't always get to attend lacrosse games at the Jr. or Sr. levels but the kids still love the sport and are in awe when they see the "big boys"!

So, the Sr. B Shamrocks have reached out to minor lacrosse associations in partnership with the Saanich Jr. Express to get more involved with the community, especially the lacrosse community. Lacrosse isn't unlike other sports which have declined in numbers since the pandemic but the Sr. B Shamrocks want to help minor lacrosse's numbers increase and get youth and their parents excited again for the sport of lacrosse. Express' Captain Bryan Toth and Shamrocks' Conor Woroniuk leading a drill

"Having Victoria Esquimalt Lacrosse invite us out to one of their minor lacrosse sessions to encourage participation in lacrosse is something we welcomed and encouraged and hope that it continues into more sessions with VELA as well as other minor lacrosse associations" said General Manager Tyson Leies. "The need for inclusion, mentorship, participation and positive reinforcement is in need everywhere and if we can work with our youth associations to build confidences, teach and motivate children to learn and play this great game; we'd be happy to be a part of it.

Building this game back up should be all of our goals. These endeavours create bonds between teammates (young and old), Express' Bryan Toth conspiring with the kids to beat the Sr. B Shamrocks in a game of Sharks and Minnowsthe excitement our youth have when they see an older lacrosse player, or when they get to play with an older player is priceless. Truthfully, when an older player (Jr. or Sr.) sees a minor lacrosse player at their games, it brings a smile to their faces... gives them a sense of pride and joins communities. Giving that young athlete a wave, smile, high-five or even taking a couple of minutes to talk with them after a game is what makes our youth love this game even more.

That's what the Sr. B Shamrocks aim to achieve!

Thank you to the youth players, parents and VELA executive members in attendance this day and to the players (Sr. B Shamrocks: Cole Christiaens, Ryan Atkinson, Steve Higgs, A/GM Conor Woroniuk and Saanich Jr. Express players Bryan Toth and Robbie Tytgat), a huge "thank you!" The kids loved it!

If you are an association looking to grow and wish to have some newfound lacrosse idols come to your preseason camps or maybe you're a coach wanting a couple of players to attend a practice? Please reach out to us! Click on the Community Involvement button under our Community tab or fill out the form on our Contact page.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” Reach out today and let the Shamrocks help guide your direction to reach your destination.